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Supporting Children Throughout the School

We believe that having a specific learning need should never be a barrier to achievement. Occasionally some pupils need additional support in their studies. This can be a short period of intensive help to boost their achievement or remedy any gaps in understanding; or a more long term plan. We continuously track and monitor each child’s progress and our small classes and high staff to pupil ratio ensures that children who may be experiencing difficulty are identified without delay and helped.  Children generally work with their own age group, unless this is unsuitable for the child's stage of development.

Our experienced SENCO and Learning Support Assistant are able to work with a child’s individual needs. Children work with the Learning Support team both individually and in small groups and are given weekly support sessions from their teachers. The Special Educational Needs policy of the school is to ensure that children develop to the best of their ability alongside their peers, having regard for their special needs. We give all our children access to a broad and balanced curriculum by removing barriers to learning. As a small school we are able to really get to know your child, involving all members of staff in caring for the individual needs of our children. We plan and implement strategies for meeting their specific needs and consult with parents/carers, teachers, pastoral staff and outside agencies where necessary to enable your child to flourish in the classroom and beyond.

We strive to meet the needs of all our children, including pupils with English as an additional language.  Language support within classrooms may involve supporting individual children or small groups of children and at times teaching the whole class. We also offer language support to children whose first language is English.  

We want your child to be happy and to make the most of their time at Gracefield School. This can be accomplished with a strong home-school link which we actively encourage. Working together is seen as a priority at Gracefield School.


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